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The Dos and Don’ts After Dental Implant Surgery

The Dos and Don’ts After Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implant surgery can be intimidating, especially if you might not know what will happen right after the procedure. The recovery process can take a few weeks to complete, but it will be easier to manage if you use the right practices and avoid certain pitfalls. Dr. Barret Davidson at Texas Sage Dentistry in McKinney, TX offers a few points for you to follow your dental implant surgery for a complete and successful recovery.

Here's what to do

Here are a few things you should do after your surgery, including understanding how to eat well and how to maintain the implant site:

  • Eat soft foods that are not too hot. Be sure to chew away from the implant site.
  • Consume foods with vitamins A or C, as they can encourage the healing process.
  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water a few times each day. The process helps you clear out debris from the mouth.
  • Keep ice on your face near the implant site to keep the swelling down.
  • Avoid excess sugars, as they can produce bacteria that will enter the implant site.
  • Keep any foods you consume small and easy to chew. Avoid anything that takes more time to chew than necessary.
  • Continue brushing your teeth as necessary.
  • Use an antimicrobial mouthwash each day to clear out bacteria that might enter the implant site. Be careful with the wash, and do not swish it around.
  • Flossing is also essential, but any floss you use should not include wax. Waxed floss can stain the implant and could cause some residues to stick in the spot.
  • Practice these guidelines for about 2 – 4 weeks after the implant surgery. The best efforts will reduce the healing timeframe and make it easier for the implant to integrate with the rest of your teeth.

Here’s what not to do

Dr. Davidson and the team at Texas Sage Dentistry in McKinney, TX want you to avoid any problems that might occur after the procedure. Here are a few things to watch surrounding what you need to avoid when caring for your teeth:

  • Avoid brushing your teeth with any toothpaste materials that might be too abrasive. These include toothpaste with baking soda or charcoal.
  • Do not use straws or other things that produce suction, as they could interfere with the implant.
  • Do not consume foods that might be sticky, sugary, or hard and crunchy. These foods could harm the implant site, even if you chew them away from the spot.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption, as it might weaken the implant site. Alcohol is a depressant that can interfere with your blood flow.
  • Do not drink any hot fluids or eat hot foods. The heat may cause burning in some cases, plus it may irritate the implant site.

Let us help you with your dental care

Our team at Texas Sage Dentistry in McKinney, TX wants to assist you with your dental implant. Dr.Barret Davidson can provide excellent services and guidance, so you understand everything about the process. Reach out to us for a consultation and review to see if dental implant surgery is right for you.

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