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Is It Safe to Sleep In Your Dentures?

Is It Safe to Sleep In Your Dentures?

Dr. Barret Davidson and the team at Texas Sage Dentistry in McKinney, TX often get questions from our patients regarding the proper care of their dentures. One popular question is if it is safe to leave dentures in place while sleeping. This question is understandable, as it can be challenging to apply and remove your dentures daily, and the need to use a dental paste to keep the dentures in place can be messy and frustrating.

Sleeping in your dentures isn’t the best idea. The risks from doing so may be more substantial than you expect. Keeping your dentures out while you are asleep is ideal for ensuring the protection of your dentures and gums.

  • Added pressure on the gums

One problem that may arise with sleeping in your dentures is that the pressure from the dentures can add extra stress to your gums. The pressure on the gums and the underlying bone can trigger bone resorption, making it harder for the dentures to stay in place. You will be more likely to experience slippage if the bone resorption becomes too rough. You’ll have a harder time enjoying more foods when you have slippery dentures.

  • Bacteria can become a problem

Another concern involves how bacteria can become a threat to your dentures. The best thing to do with your dentures at night is to keep them soaking in a safe and suitable cleaning material. The cleaner can remove bacteria that your dentures have accumulated throughout the day.

The paste materials around your dentures can also collect bacteria if you leave them in too long, which can lead to oral health problems, such as gum disease and bad breath. Keeping your dentures out at night is your best bet for preventing bacteria from developing.

  • Inflammation can also occur

Another point Dr. Davidson at Texas Sage Dentistry in McKinney, TX wants to note involves how your dentures can trigger inflammation if left in for too long. The natural saliva flow in your mouth will be inhibited if you sleep in your dentures. The saliva will not move through well enough, which can produce stomatitis. The area under your dentures can become swollen and red. Inflammation can develop after the area collects too must yeast and bacteria.

  • Uncomfortable feeling

You may also notice some difficult feelings when you’re trying to sleep. The dentures could slip while you’re asleep, causing them to shift into a different part of your mouth while you aren’t aware. The irritation can be substantial, especially since your dentures could be at risk of damage due to them going into the wrong spot.

Contact us to learn more about denture maintenance

Denture maintenance is critical to your dental health, so it’s a good idea to keep your dentures soaking in a safe place and avoid sleeping with them at night. Contact us at Texas Sage Dentistry in McKinney, TX if you have further questions about the proper care of dentures. Dr. Barret Davidson and the team at Texas Sage Dentistry are dedicated to treating all of your dental needs.

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