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How to Know Which is the Best Denture Option for You

How to Know Which is the Best Denture Option for You

Tooth loss is generally caused by tooth decay, oral disease, or an injury to the mouth. There are various ways that Texas Sage Dentistry in McKinney, TX can help restore your smile, and dentures are a viable option. Dentures are prosthodontic appliances representing a person's teeth and gums, and a convenient approach for addressing lost teeth. Dr. Barret Davidson offers full or partial removable dentures, along with implant-held dentures, for men and women looking to replace lost or extracted natural teeth. Regardless of the type of dentures you need, our dental experts will determine the best option to achieve your cosmetic goals. We invite you to discover what restorative dentistry options you have at Texas Sage Dentistry or contact our office to schedule your denture evaluation today.

Do you need dentures?

Missing teeth leave adult men and women looking for an optimal replacement solution. At Texas Sage Dentistry, we provide a wide range of restorative dentistry procedures, such as dental implants, dental crowns, and dentures. Our expert dentists offer specialized dental care to help our patients in McKinney, TX feel more confident about their smiles. If the loss of one or more teeth has affected your dental health, smile, and lifestyle, dentures might be the solution you need. Dr. Davidson will personalize our dental services to help you overcome tooth loss and be your partner during your smile makeover journey.

What are the different types of dentures?

At Texas Sage Dentistry, we realize tooth loss can affect your oral health and overall confidence. Dentures are a convenient and effective way to address lost teeth. Modern dentures are made of a hard resin, making them durable to bite into food and mimic a person's natural teeth. Adults who have lost any number of teeth due to injury or extraction can regain the confidence to talk, chew, or smile comfortably again with the help of this restorative dentistry treatment. Read on to learn more about what denture options you have at Texas Sage Dentistry.

1. Partial dentures

A partial denture can replace multiple missing teeth for aesthetic or functional reasons. It is a natural-looking dental appliance that is removable and utilized when some natural teeth remain. It is a popular restorative dentistry option for patients unable to have a dental bridge for any reason, such as a lack of support from surrounding teeth or financial limitations. Partial dentures are generally less expensive than a dental bridge.

2. Full dentures

Full, or complete, dentures are a removable dental appliance that mimics a person's teeth and gums. Complete dentures are used when all teeth are missing and can restore a bottom arch, top arch, or both. Complete dentures take up the whole mouth rather than just part of it, so a patient can talk, chew, or enjoy their smile once again.

3. Hybrid dentures

A hybrid denture is a stabilized dental appliance fused into the jawbone over a dental implant to prevent movement. It is a cross between a traditional dental bridge and a denture. Good candidates are missing some teeth in an arch, but not all of them, and otherwise have good dental health. However, hybrid dentures may not be a good fit for patients with significant bone loss.

Can dentures be a good solution for tooth loss?

Dentures remain a viable option for men and women trying to overcome tooth loss and get their oral health back on track. Dentures have been an effective restorative dentistry treatment for decades, allowing patients the freedom to enjoy chewing, biting, smiling, and laughing with confidence and ease. At Texas Sage Dentistry, we can help you learn more about implant-held or removable dentures, and which option would be the most effective for you. Depending on your dental needs, they will be specifically designed to provide a comfortable and attractive fit to restore your smile.

To learn more about these prosthodontic appliances and whether this solution may be ideal for you, contact Texas Sage Dentistry in McKinney, TX and schedule a denture consultation with Dr. Barret Davidson today.

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