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How to Get the Most Out of Your New Dental Implants

How to Get the Most Out of Your New Dental Implants

Dental implants can restore your smile and the functionality of your teeth. An implant integrates with your jawbone and creates a sturdy anchor that keeps your new crown in place while also preventing bone loss, ensuring your other teeth will stay healthy and not be at risk of tooth loss.

At Texas Sage Dentistry, Dr. Barret Davidson is proud to provide natural-looking dental implants for our patients in McKinney, TX. To get the most out of your newly installed dental implant, it will also take some work at home for long-lasting results.

Here are some details on how to care for your dental implants after your procedure.

  • Be cautious right after the procedure

It takes months for your bone and gums to heal after you first receive your implant. The implant requires time to integrate with the bone tissue, so avoid cleaning around or touching the area at the start. Excess stress in the area could harm or otherwise dislodge the implant.

  • Clean the implant like any other tooth

You can maintain your dental implant as you would any other natural tooth after the implant site recovers and you receive your crown. But be sure when cleaning the implant that you use the right materials, like a soft nylon brush that won’t scratch the surface.

Avoid abrasive toothpaste or mouthwash products, as these can be discomforting and could trigger excess pressure on the implant. Cleaning products for sensitive teeth are useful because they don’t contain as many compounds that might irritate the gums and teeth.

Flossing is also critical, but the dental floss you use should not contain any wax, as wax-based floss can interfere with the implant and make it harder to clean. Wax often appears in floss products to make it easier to go through the teeth, but the wax can come off and leave some particles around the teeth.

  • Avoid hard or sticky foods when possible

Another essential tip our experts at Texas Sage Dentistry recommend is to avoid sticky or hard foods that could harm your implants and surrounding teeth. While you don’t have to remove them from your diet altogether, foods like hard candies, dried fruit, rough meats like steaks, and even potato chips can stick to your implant and be hard to clean. The excess pressure you put on the area can also be a threat.

  • Avoid smoking

The last thing to do is avoid smoking, as smoking can damage your gums and jawbone, and weaken the implant. The bone deterioration could potentially harm your teeth and make it easier for them to come out, including the implant portion. Smoking can also delay the healing process after you first receive your implant.

Contact us today if you are looking for natural-looking dental implants in McKinney, TX

Dental implants are among the most necessary treatments you’ll require when looking for a way to restore your smile. Dr. Barret Davidson and the team at Texas Sage Dentistry in McKinney, TX will be there to support your smile and provide the care you deserve. Visit us online to schedule an appointment and learn more about the services we provide.

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