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Do I Still Need to Visit the Dentist if I Wear Dentures?

Do I Still Need to Visit the Dentist if I Wear Dentures?

One question we often get at Texas Sage Dentistry from our patients involves whether they need to visit us after they receive dentures. There is a common belief that if teeth are not real teeth, then regular dental check-ups aren’t required. You might be surprised to learn that people who choose restorative dentistry procedures, such as dentures, still need to visit a dentist at least twice a year. Dr. Barret Davidson and experts at Texas Sage Dentistry in McKinney, TX recommend a regular dental schedule to help you keep your dentures healthy and safe for use.

  • Keep plaque under control

You’ll need to keep visiting your dentist even if you don’t have any of your original teeth remaining. A dentist can care for the remaining natural teeth you still have, as well as help you clean and prevent plaque from developing on your dentures. Plaque can still build on the surface of your dentures and is often tough to clean off through traditional denture cleaners. Suitable cleaning is necessary every six months.

  • Monitor the quality of the dentures

Your dentures may feature sturdy materials that can last for years, but there are some issues that might develop due to normal wear and tear. Sometimes, your dentures might develop cracks from the foods you eat. Crowns on the dentures might become loose, causing your smile to look less appealing. Dentures can also have bonding issues where it becomes harder for them to stick to your mouth for regular use.

It’s best to visit your local dentist twice a year to check on how well your dentures are maintained. Dentures should be healthy enough to ensure nothing will be damaged or at risk of harm. Dr. Barret can repair your dentures, when necessary, especially if there are any spots in your dentures that are loose-fitting and not anchored to your gums.

  • Review oral health concerns

People who wear dentures are still at risk of oral cancers in many forms. A dentist can examine your mouth to identify sores, patches, bleeding sites, and other concerns that might be signs of cancer. A dentist could even request a biopsy of an area to confirm if there are issues in the site. Twice-annual visits to the dentist are very necessary for your oral health and detecting any potential diseases before they start.

  • Make sure your dentures fit properly

There’s a potential the fit for your dentures might change after a while. The body’s natural dental structure can change over the years. You might experience a loss of bone structure, or the gums might shift in some areas. Proper-fitting dentures will be necessary for maintaining good oral health. Dr. Barret can check on your dental structures and establish a suitable fit for your dentures to ensure they will continue to fit well and feel comfortable in your mouth.

Where can I find out more about denture care in McKinney, TX?

If you decide on a restorative dental procedure, such as dentures, it’s important to keep vising your dental professional twice a year to ensure proper maintenance. Contact us at Texas Sage Dentistry in McKinney, TX if you have further questions surrounding your dentures or any other oral health concerns you may have. Dr. Barret Davidson and the team at Texas Sage Dentistry will help you review your current situation and find a plan for treatment that works for you.

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